• 1996 – First Cellphone

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  • 1997 – First Computer at Home

    Celeron 700 Mhz -> Sister Computer 🙁

    and I learned how to hide files deep into the system…

  • 1998 – First Modem

    Living on a density zone is great when you have the PD on your external home wall. To young to work with 48v?

  • New home Damn it

    I was a manual switch. And now? Pay for what?

  • 1999 – CyberCafe Boom

    Investigate online about mobile phones unlocking and disassembling.
    And more whispers about and Open system…

  • 1999 – Free Mobile Calls

    Excessive credit requests on Optimus.

  • Timor




    No… Wizards…

  • Still Thinking

    Kids can’t see/listen  nothing…

  • Wardialing?

    Naah .. OK just for fun…

  • Expensive Bills

    Sorry mother :/

    I promise I will do it better…

  • 2000 – First Windows Course

    3 Months  – Windows Millennium, Office and BASIC Introduction

    whispers about a different open world…

  • 2000 – Start a 3 Years Electricity Course

    Low and Medium tension, introduction to electronics.

  • 2002 What? I need Internet at Home :/

    A new mistery in my head, why I cant do the same technique and have free access?

  • Start working on weakends

    I was responsible Kid, working installing cable TV and telephone lines on people houses.
    What ADSL? IP?

  • 17 Years – 1 Internet Contract

    My Lord is that Legal?

    Someone make it legal…

  • 1 Month in Paradise (Home)

    What? Out of storage?

    They will cancel the line?

  • Cable Boxes

    Little boxes on the hillside
    Little boxes made of ticky-tacky
    Little boxes on the hillside
    Little boxes all the same

  • The School had good storage

    I was learning Toolbook language and VB to code a game.

  • 2003 – Electricity Done

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  • Unlock some phone for money

    OK and some TV Boxes…

  • 2004 – Start Working 😀

    Not in IT but the company had a network with around 10 clients and 1 server. It’s time to print the OSI model for free…

  • 2005 – Finally My Own Computer

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  • ADSL Line

    National Traffic?

    International Traffic?

    Happy Hours?

    Challenge Accepted!

  • OK More Expensive Bills :'(

    Damn ADSL

  • I Need a Router

    Why? I need it…

  • Web administration Panel?

    Humm.. Interesting… I can see my IP.

    What? Doors? ups Ports?

    Damn Torrents…

  • ADSL credentials for everyone

    And that was how understand the different between a Modem and a router.

  • But the old lines? They are somewhere!

    I missing dialing 🙁

    Let’s hang out with my old friends they still had POTS 😀

  • What? Two Worlds?

    Analog and Digital? OK!

    But, how they interconnect?

  • And the Networking Journey begun

    Networking was the new concept , digital networks!

    IPs / Ports / Routers / Services

    Humm protocols.. nice…

  • How all This Interconnect?

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  • 2006 – Opened My first Forum

    Censored topic… I want Privacy!

    But How?

    Not on Free platforms…

  • Web Server on Amen.pt

    I am working an still unlocking stuff, I can pay it…

  • 2007 – Lost on Torrents infrastructure

    Just indexing but lost…

    Without enought storage and sad 🙁

  • Rapid Share? Megaupload?

    Free storage and paid accounts…

    Ok I will create multiple free accounts…

  • What? Megaupload Pay me if I put all my Media there?

    A dream come true…

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